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About Us

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Choladeck design beautiful and easy-to-use multipurpose presentation templates so that you can create your stunning presentations for your audience. Our templates are the evolution of all presentations template that can be used to create presentations for a different type of fields such as Business, Corporate, Pitch Deck, Portfolio, Agency and many more.

Our founders planted the seed to start Choladeck when they first completed an art presentation based on Chola Dynasty (Chozha Dynasty) to a client in 2018. Thus, they named the company, Choladeck (Chola Dynasty + Presentation Deck) resembling their first client and presentation.

We consist of 5+ professional designers who specialized in presentations and infographics. We have more than 4 years experience and completed creating 1000s of presentation slides for our clients all around the world.

Our aim of designing this template is to help you create a professional and winning presentation, quickly with minimum effort. It provides a tailored and considered set of designs and slides that makes decision making easier.

We believe your idea deserves a brilliant presentation and always find a way to help you make stunning presentations easy like never before.