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From Choladeck’s journey in creating impactful presentations to the birth of Twodart. Dive into our story and discover our dedication to revolutionizing presentations.


I’m Guru, the co-founder of Choladeck – a dedicated presentation design agency, and now, Twodart.

Over the years, we’ve specialized in crafting impactful presentations, collaborating with a diverse array of clients. This includes everyone from individual entrepreneurs to major corporations, some of which are renowned Fortune 500 companies.

Throughout our journey, one recurring pain point became evident: countless companies were spending an excessive amount of time designing presentations from scratch. Not only were these designs frequently inconsistent, but many also fell short of expectations, leading to evident frustration among teams. Our response was to develop custom templates, meticulously tailored to a company’s distinct brand and requirements. In theory, to streamline the presentation design process.

However, a new challenge presented itself. While these templates were undoubtedly valuable, they often became lost in the depths of cloud storage systems. Employees either couldn’t locate them, were unaware of their existence, or didn’t find them user-friendly. A tool that had potential became an expensive and neglected file.

We believed there had to be a more efficient way: a platform that centralized all slides, ensuring that every team member could access and use them with ease. Despite our extensive search, no existing tool matched our criteria.

So, we decided to create the solution ourselves. The result? Twodart.

After piloting Twodart with a selective group of companies, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive with an astounding 85% reduction in time spent on presentations. Moreover, presentations across departments became more consistent. This led to significant financial savings, a renewed focus on core tasks, and a notable increase in successful deals. In simpler terms, more revenue.

From those initial trials, our user base grew exponentially. Today, we’re deeply humbled to have over 25,000 users trusting Twodart with their presentation needs.

From the depths of our hearts, thank you.

We’re committed to refining and evolving based on your feedback. By the way, if you haven’t taken Twodart for a spin yet, here’s your chance. Click this link and experience Twodart for free!

Warm regards,


Co-Founder, Choladeck.

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