Twodart Features Overview

Explore the comprehensive set of tools and capabilities that make Twodart the go-to platform for creating standout presentations effortlessly.


Premium Templates

With over 8538 diverse slides available, discover a world of choices tailored to your every need. Delve into our ready-to-use designs, adapt with customizable themes, and seamlessly export to your preferred presentation platforms.

Expansive Slide Library

With over 8538 unique slides at your disposal, there’s always the perfect slide for every topic and idea you wish to convey.

Premade Presentation Templates

Kick-start your presentation with our collection of professionally designed premade templates. Each one is crafted to cater to a variety of presentation needs.

Well Organized Slides

Easily find the slide you need, sorted into intuitive categories. It simplifies your creation process.

Modern X Theme

Crafted specifically for presentations loaded with complex information and data, captures attention with its professional and contemporary design.

Minimal X Theme

Designed for those aiming to present simple and straightforward information. Emphasizes clarity with its clean design, allowing your core message to resonate effortlessly.

Animated Slides

Every slide comes alive with subtle animations. It’s not just about static images; it’s about creating a dynamic viewer experience.

Footer Branding

Keep your brand in sight. Add your logo to the slide footer for consistent visibility throughout your presentation.

Brand Aligned Themes

Every slide can be tinted with your brand’s colors, making your presentation a true reflection of your identity.

Theme Flexibility

Whether you lean towards the popular, sleek dark themes or favor the crisp, classic light ones, our flexible options let you set the right tone.

Seamless Exports

Begin in Twodart, finalize anywhere. All our slides can be easily exported to PowerPoint and Keynote, allowing you to tweak and refine to your heart’s content.

Google Slides Integration

Save time and steps. Directly send your masterpiece to Google Slides with our integrated export feature.


Personalized Branding

Drench every presentation with your brand’s unique identity. Seamlessly integrate your logo, adopt your color palette, and ensure every slide emanates your brand’s essence. Your story, told your way.

Brand Integration

Effortlessly upload your business logo. Infuse each presentation with your unique identity, reinforcing brand recognition and recall.

Color Consistency

Select and apply your brand’s theme. Guarantee that every slide mirrors your identity, creating a cohesive and unforgettable presentation.


Captivating Imagery

Unlock the power of visuals with access to over 5 million images. Enhance your presentations with striking visuals, further refined using our gradient tool. Every slide becomes a canvas, awaiting your touch.

Image Library

Choose from a vast collection of over 5 million images. The perfect visual complement for every slide and idea.

Image Refinement

Adjust colors and apply gradients, transforming your images into fresh and visually engaging masterpieces.


Iconic Designs

Elevate your presentation’s appeal with our expansive collection of icons. Modify their appearance with your desired colors and effortlessly transition them to any platform. It’s versatility and elegance in one.

Icon Library

Enhance and enrich your content with our vast selection of sleek, professional icons, suitable for every topic.

Colorable Icons

Ensure your icons match your brand by easily adjusting their colors.

PowerPoint-Compatible Icons

Elevate your slides with our icons, specifically formatted for easy application and seamless integration within PowerPoint presentations.

Keynote & Google Slides-Ready Icons

Our icons are designed for flexibility. Their format ensures easy placement and a flawless fit in both Google Slides and Keynote.

Bulk Export

Select, organize, and dispatch numerous icons in one go, optimizing your presentation design process.


Team Access

Empower your entire team with Twodart’s extensive features. Grant them access to our vast resources, ensuring that everyone, from rookies to veterans, can craft impeccable presentations. Sharing is, after all, caring.

Empower Your Team

Extend the power of Twodart to your team. Add members and grant them access to our curated slide selection, ensuring consistent quality across presentations.

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