How A Consultant Enhanced Consulting Decks and Boosted Engagement by 40% with Twodart

Learn how Nikolay Alexeev leveraged Twodart’s innovative features to dramatically transform consulting decks, resulting in a remarkable 40% boost in audience engagement.

Nikolay Alexeev, Managing Partner



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The Challenges

As a managing partner in the high-stakes world of management consulting, Nikolay Alexeev’s presentations had to be nothing short of impeccable. However, before his introduction to Twodart, several hurdles made this feat challenging:

  • Lack of Creativity: The existing presentation tools offered a limited range of templates. This lack of creative designs led to presentations that often felt mundane and uninspiring.
  • Stagnant Design: With tools like PowerPoint(default templates) and ThinkCell, Nikolay felt confined by their lack of spatial and dynamic designs.

The Solutions

Enter Twodart, with its rich array of templates and user-friendly interface, it directly addressed Nikolay’s concerns:

  • Diverse Templates: Twodart’s wide range of creative templates gave Nikolay the much-needed variety and flexibility in design, ensuring each consulting deck stood out.
  • User-Friendly: Beyond its design capabilities, Twodart was incredibly easy to use, allowing Nikolay to focus on the content rather than wrestling with the software.

The Results

With Twodart, the quality of GSIH’s consulting decks transformed dramatically:

  • Enhanced Quality: The presentations now reflected a heightened standard, showcasing insightful data in an engaging manner.
  • Distinct Branding: The consistent use of Twodart’s templates ensured that GSIH’s brand identity was strengthened, with each presentation echoing the firm’s ethos and values.

Key Results


Enhanced Visual Appeal


Increase in Engagement


Time Saved

“Twodart has been instrumental in elevating our presentations at GSIH. Its vast array of templates combined with its ease of use ensures our consulting decks always stand out. For those still contemplating Twodart, dive in! The transformation in your presentations will be evident from day one.”
Nikolay Alexeev, Managing Partner

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