How A Manager Enhanced Presentations and Achieved 60% Time Savings with Twodart

Learn how Twodart provided Marvin Astudillo with the tools to craft compelling and consistent presentations, enhancing the quality and efficiency of his work.

Marvin Astudillo, Senior Training Manager

Prominent BPO and ARM Firm (Undisclosed)



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The Challenges

Marvin, as the Senior Training Manager at a leading BPO and ARM firm, consistently faced the pressing demand of creating compelling presentations. In the BPO sector, the need to communicate efficiently and effectively is paramount. Marvin’s challenges revolved around:

  • Time-Intensive Creation: Designing the overall appearance and approach of the presentation was a time-consuming task for Marvin, often diverting him from the core content and strategy.
  • Generic Designs: The limited and outdated templates in MS Office were not only time-consuming but also lacked the modern flair required to capture and retain audience attention.

The Solutions

Marvin found his solace in Twodart. The platform’s features directly addressed his pain points, offering:

  • Diverse Templates: Twodart’s extensive library of templates allowed Marvin to swiftly choose a design that fit the need of the hour. This adaptability meant presentations could be tailored to specific audiences or objectives.
  • Easy Editing: The editable PPT feature meant that Marvin didn’t have to start from scratch each time. Instead, he could adapt existing templates, saving time and ensuring consistency.

The Results

The change was nothing short of transformational. Marvin’s presentations now carried a fresh and modern touch:

  • Swift Creation: The time Marvin spent on designing presentations was drastically reduced, allowing him to focus more on content, delivery, and engagement strategies.
  • Enhanced Recognition: The leadership team recognized and lauded the improved quality, look, and feel of the presentations. Marvin’s decks stood out, ensuring his message was both seen and remembered.

Key Results


Visual Enhancement


Time Saved

“Twodart is more than just a tool; it's a game-changer for anyone serious about presentations. Not only has it streamlined my workflow, but it's also given my slides a fresh, professional touch. If you're looking to enhance efficiency and make a lasting impression, Twodart is the way to go.”
Marvin Astudillo, Senior Training Manager
Prominent BPO and ARM Firm (Undisclosed)

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