How A Director Enhanced Presentation Consistency by 100% and Elevated Slides with Twodart

Learn how a seasoned Project Director harnessed the power of Twodart to achieve unparalleled presentation consistency and elevate slide designs to new heights.

Julianna Yau Yorgan, Director of National Projects

One of Canada’s Largest P&C Insurers (Undisclosed)


P&C Insurance

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Project updates, etc.

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The Challenges

Julianna’s role as the Director of National Projects at one of Canada’s leading P&C insurers is both rewarding and demanding. Spearheading national-level initiatives, she frequently communicates her strategies and updates to executive stakeholders. However, the challenges were numerous before she encountered Twodart.

  • Seeking Professionalism: Julianna found herself investing an excessive amount of time ensuring her slides looked professional. This effort detracted from the core content, compromising the overall efficacy of the presentations.
  • Inflexible Tools: Relying on Microsoft PowerPoint’s Designer and other slide templates, she often encountered frustrating limitations. Specifically, these tools did not meet the high standards required for executive-level presentations.
  • Branding Issues: Using competitor slide templates was a constant battle. The frequent change in colour schemes when integrating into the company’s branded templates led to a disjointed appearance, requiring manual adjustments slide by slide.

The Solutions

The introduction of Twodart to Julianna’s toolkit marked a significant turning point.

  • Customization: Twodart’s dynamic nature allowed Julianna to set default colours, ensuring a consistent brand representation throughout her presentations.
  • Streamlined Process: Unlike static templates, Twodart’s interface enables users to lay out the entire presentation flow before diving into specific slide details, enhancing efficiency.

The Results

Twodart’s impact on Julianna’s presentations was both immediate and transformative.

  • Stellar Reputation: Beyond achieving a professional look, Julianna’s presentations set a new benchmark within her organization. Her peers not only admired her slides but often sought to emulate them.
  • Consistency: No longer did Julianna grapple with the erratic colour schemes of generic templates. Every slide echoed the brand’s identity, creating a cohesive and compelling narrative.

Key Results


Brand Consistency


Time Saved

“Twodart has redefined the way I approach presentations. It's not just about templates but true customization. By prioritizing brand colours and offering an intuitive design approach, Twodart has made presentations less of a chore and more of a craft. For anyone still using traditional tools, Twodart offers a glimpse into the future of professional slide creation.”
Julianna Yau Yorgan, Director of National Projects
One of Canada's Largest P&C Insurers (Undisclosed)

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