How a Coach Crafted Branded Presentations and Elevated Efficiency by 60% with Twodart

Learn how Twodart’s robust features empowered a coach to design branded presentations that resonate with her audience, while also achieving a significant boost in creation efficiency by over 60%.

Julianna Yau Yorgan, Professional Coach

JYY Coaching



Use Cases

Educational (pre-recorded courses), Sales (webinars)

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The Challenges

Being a Professional Coach, Julianna Yau Yorgan often creates educational courses and sales webinars tailored to her unique brand identity. However, prior to Twodart, she grappled with several presentation-related challenges:

  • Brand Inconsistency: Using out-of-the-box templates made it difficult to maintain a consistent brand identity. Often, the colors and styles did not resonate with Julianna’s brand.
  • Time-consuming Customizations: Julianna spent countless hours modifying colors, styles, and layouts in an attempt to make them fit her brand’s aesthetic.

The Solutions

Twodart emerged as an ideal solution for Julianna. Its intuitive features addressed her specific challenges head-on:

  • Brand-specific Customization: The ability to tailor brand colors made presentations seamlessly align with Julianna’s personal brand.
  • Diverse Slide Designs: With a plethora of design options at her disposal, Julianna could select slides that best suited her content needs, ensuring both aesthetics and functionality.

The Results

The transformation with Twodart was palpable:

  • Enhanced Brand Consistency: Presentations now accurately reflect Julianna’s brand identity, strengthening her professional image.
  • Increased Efficiency: Julianna has saved significant time that was once spent on tedious formatting. This allows her to concentrate on content quality and delivery.

Key Results


Brand Consistency


Time Saved

“Twodart is like the Canva for slides! With other platforms, I felt confined to generic designs. But with Twodart, every slide is exactly what I need. It's allowed me to focus on my content rather than the low-value task of formatting. If you want your presentations to stand out while also reflecting your unique brand, Twodart is the answer.”
Julianna Yau Yorgan, Professional Coach
JYY Coaching

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