How Paraclete Life Planning Enhanced Client Engagement by 40% with Twodart

Learn about the transformative journey of Paraclete Life Planning and how their utilization of Twodart’s capabilities led to a remarkable increase in client engagement and satisfaction.

John Hendry, Owner

Paraclete Life Planning


Financial Services

Use Cases

Client pitches, Social media, etc.

Overwhelming Choices →
Cohesive Pitches

The Challenges

In the competitive sphere of financial services, John Hendry’s presentations had to be top-notch. Being the owner of Paraclete Life Planning, a reputable financial advisory firm, John’s focus was on establishing trust and clarity with potential clients. Before Twodart, he faced numerous challenges:

  • Inconsistency in Templates: Without standardized templates, each presentation varied wildly from the next. This inconsistency hampered the firm’s brand image and potentially confused clients.
  • Overwhelming Choices: With an array of PowerPoint themes and google image samples, the vast choices paradoxically hindered creativity. Instead of aiding the design process, they overwhelmed and, at times, froze the creation process due to indecision.

The Solutions

Twodart’s introduction into John’s workflow was a breath of fresh air:

  • Streamlined Features: The ability to search for specific slide styles and then explore related slides revolutionized his design process. No more getting bogged down in design; now, it was about finding the perfect template quickly.
  • Consistent and Unique Templates: The diverse and continuously updated template library meant John could maintain brand consistency while ensuring his presentations stood out in the crowded financial services sector.

The Results

The shift to Twodart had a transformative impact on Paraclete Life Planning’s presentations:

  • Unified Brand Image: Presentations now resonated with the company’s values and ethos, portraying a consistent and professional image.
  • Increased Focus on Content: With design worries out of the way, John could channel his energies into crafting compelling content, ensuring his pitches and posts were more engaging than ever.
  • Distinctive Market Position: The unique templates ensured that Paraclete Life Planning’s presentations were distinct from competitors, offering a competitive edge.

Key Results


Brand Consistency


Time Saved


Increase in Client Engagement

“Twodart has been instrumental in reshaping how Paraclete Life Planning approaches presentations. The simplicity, combined with the vast array of templates, ensures we're always on-brand and unique. It's more than a tool; it's a game-changer for our firm.”
John Hendry, Owner
Paraclete Life Planning

4.6 out of 5 (532 reviews)

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