How a Founder Elevated Mundane Slides and Boosted Presentation Quality by 100% with Twodart

Learn how Iván Fanego harnessed Twodart’s capabilities to transform ordinary slides into powerful visual narratives, enhancing presentation quality and redefining AppCritic’s communication standards.

Iván Fanego, Solopreneur/Freelance




Use Cases

Educational lectures, sales pitches, white papers, etc

Lackluster Slides →
Stunning Quality Presentations

The Challenges

Iván Fanego, a solopreneur and freelancer representing AppCritic in the Marketing industry, consistently felt the pressure to create impactful presentations. His challenges were multifaceted:

  • Lack of Aesthetic Appeal: Despite his best efforts, Iván’s presentations often lacked visual appeal, especially when it came to charts and slides.
  • Generic Templates: Using Keynote and PPT, Iván constantly grappled with default slide designs that failed to capture the essence of his content or resonate with his audience.

The Solutions

Twodart’s platform provided Iván with the solutions he desperately sought.

  • Rich Slide and Graph Library: Twodart’s extensive collection of slides and graphs became a go-to resource for Iván, offering diverse options to enhance his presentations.
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Tools: Iván could easily select slides from Twodart and then continue refining his presentation in Keynote, making the entire process streamlined and efficient.
  • Color Features and Aesthetics: The transition from Choladeck to Twodart was smooth for Iván. The platform’s color features particularly stood out, allowing him to create presentations that were visually cohesive and aligned with AppCritic’s branding.

The Results

The shift to Twodart brought about transformative changes for Iván and AppCritic.

  • Elevated Presentation Quality: The presentations now looked 100% more professional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Time Efficiency: Iván reported a time-saving of around 30% when creating presentations using Twodart.
  • Enhanced Confidence: With Twodart’s resources at his disposal, Iván felt more confident and prepared, especially during instances like presenting at his alma mater or during crucial sales pitches.

Key Results


Enhanced Visual Appeal


Time Saved

“Twodart has been an invaluable asset for my presentations. As someone who doesn't naturally excel in design, Twodart bridges that gap, enabling me to create visually stunning presentations effortlessly. If you've ever felt challenged by design, Twodart is your answer.”
Iván Fanego, Solopreneur/Freelance

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