How a Department Lead Elevated Pitches and Boosted Efficiency by 50% with Twodart

Learn how David Hsieh harnessed the capabilities of Twodart to revolutionize their presentation process, achieving a remarkable 50% boost in efficiency and crafting compelling pitches.

David Hsieh, Head of Corporate Development

Brogent Technologies Inc.



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Investment Pitches, etc

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Tailored Investment Pitches

The Challenges

David’s high-level role at Brogent Technologies Inc., a prominent player in the tech industry, necessitates the creation of compelling investment pitches. However, prior to his encounter with Twodart, David faced a series of hurdles:

  • Overwhelming Templates: With a plethora of templates at his disposal, David found it challenging to manage and archive them efficiently.
  • Lost in Archives: Keeping track of the myriad of tools and pinpointing specific slides or templates became an increasing pain point, impeding the workflow.
  • Manual Efforts: Relying predominantly on manual methods meant spending excessive time on creating and organizing presentations, rather than focusing on content.

The Solutions

Twodart presented itself as the silver bullet to David’s presentation woes. Its distinct features directly tackled the issues that had been plaguing him:

  • Time Efficiency: With Twodart, David could drastically reduce the time spent on crafting slides, thus availing more time for other crucial activities.
  • Tailored Templates: Twodart’s array of templates, many of which resonated with David’s style, meant he could leverage them to craft pitches that felt unique and personalized.

The Results

The impact of Twodart on David’s workflow was nothing short of transformative.

  • Brand Consistency: The once overwhelming and scattered presentation slides now showcased a harmonized look, enhancing the overall professionalism and impact.
  • Rapid Turnaround: One remarkable instance was when David, faced with a tight deadline, managed to craft a pitch for an investor meeting quickly, thanks to Twodart.

Key Results


Brand Consistency


Time Efficiency



“Twodart has been instrumental in refining my presentation process. It's like purchasing a made-to-measure suit – flexible, yet impeccably tailored. For anyone contemplating the switch to Twodart, I'd say – it's an investment that will pay rich dividends in the form of efficiency and elegance.”
David Hsieh, Head of Corporate Development
Brogent Technologies Inc.

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