How A Coach Enhanced Visual Storytelling And Boosted Confidence with Twodart

Learn how Coach Lex harnessed the power of Twodart to revolutionize presentations at, to not only enhance the visual appeal but also bolster his confidence in every presentation.

Coach Lex, Leadership Coach


Learning & Development

Use Cases

Sales slides, project proposals, compliance briefings, etc

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The Challenges

Operating in the Learning & Development industry, Coach Lex frequently had to engage stakeholders through presentations. These slides served multiple purposes, from pitching sales to proposing projects and briefing on compliance. Despite the importance of these presentations, several challenges persisted:

  • Lack of Visual Storytelling: Not inherently possessing a strong visual creativity, Coach Lex’s presentations often missed the mark in terms of visual appeal and storytelling.
  • Limited Toolset: Relying solely on Google Sheets, the presentations lacked the flair and dynamism that contemporary slides should possess.

The Solutions

Discovering Twodart proved to be a game-changer for Coach Lex. The platform’s features resonated with Lex’s needs and addressed the challenges head-on.

  • Visual Enhancement with Stock Photos: Twodart’s extensive collection of stock photos allowed Coach Lex to elevate the visual quality of the presentations, making them more engaging.
  • Auto-Branding: This feature eliminated the tedious task of manually adjusting colors. Twodart ensured brand consistency across all presentations, saving precious time and ensuring visual cohesion.

The Results

With the integration of Twodart into Coach Lex’s workflow, the quality and effectiveness of presentations witnessed a significant transformation.

  • Enhanced Visual Appeal: The presentations now told a compelling visual story, capturing the essence of the content and resonating with the audience.
  • Boosted Confidence: While tangible metrics were not specified, Coach Lex experienced a deeper sense of confidence, both in the structure of the content and the accompanying visuals.

Key Results


Visual Enhancement


Time Saved

“Twodart has truly transformed the way I present. It's not just about the slides; it's about telling a story, capturing attention, and making an impact. With Twodart, I feel more equipped to convey my narratives effectively in every room, even when I'm not present.”
Coach Lex, Leadership Coach

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