How A Consultant Enhanced Presentations and Boosted Sales by 20% with Twodart

Learn how Adriano Valente Rocha, harnessed the power of Twodart to metamorphose their amateur presentations into professional pitches, resulting in a remarkable 20% surge in sales.

Adriano Valente Rocha, Risk Consultant and Insurance Broker

ValenteRocha Consultora e Corretora de Seguros


Insurance – Brokerage Agency

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Sales Pitches, Product Presentations, etc

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The Challenges

In the fast-paced world of insurance brokerage, Adriano Valente Rocha was facing a major hurdle. Despite having solid content, his presentations were falling short on aesthetics and professionalism, causing potential clients to doubt the quality of his services.

  • Design Dilemmas: Adriano’s presentations lacked a professional touch. His efforts often came off as juvenile, tarnishing the image of ValenteRocha Consultora e Corretora de Seguros.
  • Trust Deficit: Trust is the cornerstone of the insurance industry. Adriano’s subpar presentations were eroding client trust, putting sales at risk.

The Solutions

Twodart emerged as the perfect remedy to Adriano’s presentation woes.

  • Professional Layouts: Twodart’s myriad of design options and layouts allowed Adriano to craft presentations that mirrored the professionalism of his services.
  • Personalized Branding: With easy-to-use customization features, Adriano could seamlessly integrate brand colors and unique elements, elevating the quality of his pitches and product presentations.

The Results

Twodart’s influence was transformative. ValenteRocha’s presentations underwent a total makeover, resulting in positive business outcomes.

  • Enhanced Brand Image: With Twodart, presentations now echoed the brand’s ethos, enhancing its market reputation.
  • Boosted Sales: Not only did the presentations look good, but they also delivered results. Adriano saw a considerable surge in sales, attributing it to the renewed client trust.

Key Results




Increase in Sales Prices


Client Appreciation

“Twodart has entirely transformed my presentation game. The platform's intuitive design and customization options have made it incredibly easy for me to deliver top-tier presentations, resulting in enhanced client trust and business growth. If you're hesitant about trying Twodart, take the leap; the results will astonish you!”
Adriano Valente Rocha, Risk Consultant and Insurance Broker
ValenteRocha Consultora e Corretora de Seguros

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