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Building presentations can feel overwhelmingly daunting, especially when you’re starting from scratch!

It’s a familiar struggle:

You draft an entirely new presentation, you devise unique presentation frameworks, and you tirelessly search for design inspirations only to be end up with an ugly boring looking presentation.

The process is not only counter-productive but also exhausting.

Most projects are similar to ones we’ve done before. Most problems have solutions we’ve seen before. Most slides… well, they’ve been created before.

Yet, we often fall into the trap of starting from scratch, unaware of the pitfalls:

You spend hours, even days, wrestling with crafting a professional presentation.

You feel like creating a decent presentation is a mountain to climb if you're not a designer.

You are constantly nagged by doubt: "Will my design captivate my boss, client, or audience?"

You are under pressure to meet deadlines while ensuring quality, and it feels overwhelming.

You spend sleepless nights staring at a blank screen, struggling to visualize your ideas effectively.

You struggle to align your presentation with your company branding, resulting in inconsistencies.

You’re frustrated when your audience fails to grasp your message due to unclear visuals or dense text.

What you truly need is a solution that assures you of creating presentations the right way – professional, engaging, on-brand, and capable of clearly conveying your message.

Now, imagine a solution that erases these frustrations. A tool that saves you time, boosts your confidence, and consistently impresses your audience.


Twodart Overview Introducing No Shadow

Twodart is a game-changer in how you build presentations. With an extensive library of professional, customizable slide templates, it eliminates the stress of design and the hassle of starting from scratch.

With Twodart’s vast collection of high-quality slides:

You complete projects faster, bypassing slide building to dive straight into the heart of the project.

You earn recognition and rewards, as you deliver unparalleled results more efficiently than ever before.

You communicate your complex ideas clearly and effectively through visually engaging slides.

You meet deadlines comfortably with swift and efficient presentation building.

You present confidently and proudly, knowing you're equipped with a top-tier presentation.

You boost your brand image with consistent branding across all presentations.

You deliver amazing presentations, thanks to expertly designed slide templates and frameworks.

Twodart is your secret weapon for faster, better, and more impactful presentations. 
No more starting from scratch. No more sleepless nights. Just high-quality presentations that impress, captivate, and convey your message with clarity.

Welcome to the future of presentations with Twodart.

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Increased in Confidence

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Features at a Glance: What Twodart Offers

A comprehensive overview of our platform's capabilities, showcasing how each feature enhances your presentation creation experience.

8538+ Slides in 160 Categories

Mix and match from our vast collection of pre-built slides in two stylish themes. Never worry about design again and create endless, top-notch presentations.

Themes to Suit Your Style

Modern X for a sophisticated, professional look and Minimal X for a simple, clean look. Create impactful presentations that suit your audience's preferences.

33 Premade Presentations

Leverage our professionally designed templates, including pitch decks, business plans, and more. Each template is built on proven frameworks, providing a perfect foundation for any presentation.

Change Content & Images Instantly

Replace placeholders with your content and images easily. Save precious hours on building and designing your presentation.​

Adapt to Your Company Branding

Integrate your company logo and theme seamlessly. Gain credibility with beautiful, consistent, and on-brand presentations.

All Slides are Fully Animated

Presentations aren't just about static images. All our slides come with premium animations, ensuring your presentation captivates and entertains your audience.

Charts Compatible with Excel

Display complex data effortlessly with our Excel-compatible charts and KPI dashboards. Communicate your message effectively and present with absolute confidence.

1000+ Vector Icons

Enhance your slides with our premium vector icons. Stand out from the crowd with a detailed and engaging presentation.

100,000+ Premium Images

Access our extensive gallery of premium images. Add a dash of visual excellence to your presentations and keep your audience engaged until the last slide.

Custom Slide Request

Can't find the exact slide? Our support team will design it for you within 48-96 hours. Focus on your message while we take care of the design details.

Compatible With Your Fav App

Our versatile templates blend flawlessly with the most popular formats. Build presentations faster and with ease in your preferred environment.

Unleash Team Potential

Build impactful presentations together with your team. Add your team and create presentations that align perfectly with your brand's aesthetics.

How it works

Getting Started with Twodart

A clear and detailed walkthrough of our platform, guiding you from selecting a slide to exporting your final presentation.

Step 1

Browse and Select Your Slides​

Discover from over 8538 unique slides in 160 categories or kickstart with 33 premade presentation templates. Design skills? Not needed.

Step 2

Brand Your Presentation

Add your logo and easily customize theme colors to align with your brand. 30+ preset colors, or explore unlimited color options for perfect match.

Step 3

Export Presentation Seamlessly​

With a single click, export your slides to Powerpoint, Google Slides, or Keynote. Enjoy unlimited exports with no restrictions or limitations.

Step 4

Personalize Your Content​

Replace text and image placeholders with your content effortlessly. Customize using tools like Powerpoint, Google Slides, or Keynote and present proudly.

Try Twodart for free today and experience the ease of creating remarkable presentations.

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Start with a premade Presentation

Dive into our extensive collection of professionally designed premade presentations. Each one is thoughtfully crafted to cater to a variety of presentation needs.

Pitch Deck Featured Image

Pitch Deck

Lay out startup challenges, solutions, market dynamics, and growth potential to investors.

Business Plan Featured Image

Business Plan

Craft a vision from SWOT analysis to growth strategy and financial forecasts.

Company Profile Featured Image

Company Profile

Detail your company's journey, values, services, and future plans.

Marketing Plan Featured Image

Marketing Plan

Strategize from market segmentation to channels and budgeting.

Project Proposal Featured Image

Project Proposal

Outline objectives, deliverables, timeline, and the anticipated benefits.

Digital Marketing Featured Image

Digital Marketing

Detail strategies, target market, performance goals, and budgeting.

Consulting Firm Featured Image

Consulting Firm

Illustrate consultancy expertise from SWOT analysis to marketing strategy.

Investor Featured Image


Present startup metrics, market size, competition, and financials to investors.


Diverse Categories, Endless Possibilities

Simplify your search by exploring our neatly organized categories, ensuring you find the right slide for every presentation

Company Overview Featured Image

Company Overview

40 Slides

Creative Charts Featured Image

Creative Charts

69 Slides

Device Mockup Featured Image

Device Mockup

93 Slides

Gantt Chart Featured Image

Gantt Chart

37 Slides

Kpi Dashboard Excel Editable Featured Image

Kpi Dashboard Excel Editable

45 Slides

Portfolio Featured Image


29 Slides

Process Featured Image


144 Slides

Services Featured Image


78 Slides

Swot Analysis Featured Image

Swot Analysis

21 Slides

Team Featured Image


94 Slides

Timeline Featured Image


96 Slides

Title Featured Image


95 Slides


Is Twodart Right For You?

Take a closer look at what we offer and weigh it against your presentation objectives to determine if we're the right choice for you.

Twodart is a perfect fit for you if:

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Twodart might not be the best fit if:​


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From individual users to large teams, find out how our pricing plans are structured to offer the best value for your specific needs.


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Features includes:


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Billed Monthly

Features includes:


For teams seeking to craft consistent, on-brand presentations efficiently

Starting from



Billed Monthly

Everything in Personal plan, plus:


Experience Twodart for free without credit cards

Free forever


Features includes:


For individuals aiming to create professional presentations quickly

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Billed Yearly

SAVE 40%

Features includes:


For teams seeking to craft consistent, on-brand presentations efficiently

Starting from



Billed Yearly

SAVE 15%

Everything in Personal plan, plus:


Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of the most common questions and detailed answers about our platform and its functionalities.

Twodart is a comprehensive platform providing a library of professionally designed presentation slides that are compatible with PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.

Twodart empowers you to create compelling and effective presentations by providing you with a vast array of pre-designed, customizable templates.

Customizing Twodart’s templates to match your brand is easy as 1-2-3-4: browse and select the required slides, update the branding with your theme and logo, export the presentation to your favorite tool – PowerPoint, Google Slides or Keynote, and finally customize the placeholders with your content.

Absolutely, no design experience is needed to use Twodart. Our user-friendly app, coupled with detailed walkthroughs and video guides, make it easy for anyone to create professional presentations.

Twodart streamlines the presentation creation process, saving you valuable time. In fact, a recent survey revealed that Twodart users save an average of 8-10 hours per week.

Twodart’s templates are designed to be adaptable, making them suitable for various business scenarios.

We add new templates to Twodart every week. If you have a specific design in mind, you can request it through the slide request tab.

After purchasing a plan, you’ll be redirected to our web application where you can log in and immediately start creating presentations.

The number of slides or templates you can use with your Twodart plan is directly tied to your chosen export limit. This means you can create and download up to the number of exports included in your plan each month. To access more slides or templates beyond this limit within the same month, you would need to upgrade to a plan with a higher export allowance or wait until the next billing cycle resets your limit.

Likewise, there are no limits to the number of presentations you can create. Unleash your creativity!

Yes, you can request a specific template design through the slide request tab.

Yes, you can share the final presentation with your team, but not the template itself. If you want to share the slide templates with your team, you need to purchase the Team Plan. This will allow you to invite your team members to the app and they can access all the slides just like you.

Yes, Twodart’s templates can be used for commercial purposes.

Choladeck offers 24/7 support. If you encounter any issues or have questions, reach out to us at [email protected].

Absolutely, you can upgrade your subscription plan anytime. If you need assistance, please contact us at [email protected].

To cancel your Twodart subscription, simply log into your account. Navigate to the ‘Billing’ section where you can view your current subscription details. There, you will find an option to ‘Cancel Subscription.’ Click this option and follow the prompts to confirm your cancellation. Your subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing period, after which you will not be charged further and your access will be limited based on the plan’s terms.

Given the digital nature of our services, we generally do not offer refunds. However, we encourage you to use our free plan to evaluate Twodart before committing to a paid subscription.

Yes, we offer discounts for students and non-profit organizations. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

No, there are no hidden fees with Twodart.

While you can’t use Twodart offline, you can export your slides and use them offline on your desktop.

Yes, you’ll need either PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote to use Twodart.

Yes, you can download the invoice with your details and VAT number through the Billing section in the Twodart app.

Yes, you can try out Twodart for free. We offer a free plan that allows you to explore a selection of our features and templates without any cost. This plan is ideal for getting a feel for how Twodart works and what it can do for your presentations. There’s no credit card required to sign up for the free plan, so you can start using it right away without any commitments.


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