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Modern X vs Minimal X

The differences between Modern X and Minimal X templates.

Why did we build two presentation templates, Modern X and Minimal X?

Our team from Choladeck consists of professional designers who specialized in presentations and infographics. We have more than 4 years of experience and completed creating 1000s of presentation slides for our clients all around the world.

From all those experiences, we learned that different audiences and businesses generally prefer different styles and designs. Based on that, we designed 2 multipurpose presentation templates with completely different looks and styles to satisfy most business needs.

What is the difference between Modern X and Minimal X?

The core difference between Modern and Minimal X are the templates have a completely different design and unique slides.

Modern X template is more towards a bold and professional design which consists of 1034+ Unique Slides in 35+ Categories.

Whereas, the Minimal X Template has a clean and vibrant design which consists of 1112+ Unique Slides in 28+ Categories. Gradient X has the same design as Minimal X but with beautiful colorful gradient colors.

The Gradient X template is included for FREE with Minimal X.

Both our templates are for multipurpose usage. It all depends on your audience, if you think you want a professional and conventional design, then go for Modern X. If you think your audience would prefer a cleaner and creative looking, then Minimal X is good for you.

Some of our customers, also get both the templates so that they can mix match the slides for their audiences.

Additionally, both templates come with 10 Premade Templates such as Business Plan, Pitch Deck and etc included in them.

You can view all the Premade Templates at: https://choladeck.com/pages/premade-presentation-templates

All the slides included in Modern X and Minimal X can be found on the categories page at: https://choladeck.com/pages/categories

Can I mix-match both templates?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, most of our customers actually get both the templates since they do presentations for different businesses and audiences. 

Although both our templates have a completely different look and style, when put together, they both complement each other well that steps up your presentation to the next level.

Do I get any discount if I purchase both Modern X and Minimal X?

Yes, that's exactly why we provide Bundle X.

Bundle X is an ultimate presentation pack that consists of Modern X, Minimal X, Gradient X, and everything else that we have to offer at the most discounted price. Additionally, it also comes with 4 exclusive premium templates.

You can view more information regarding Bundle X over here: https://choladeck.com/products/bundle-x-ultimate-presentation-bundle-pack